Rock Balancing

Take a journey that ignites the senses and soothes the soul.


Nestled in Baltimore County, you'll discover the true essence of relaxation, Uzuri Spa & Wellness.

Experience the freedom of the present moment when you let go of your cares and immerse yourself in our exclusive treatments and therapies, infused with a touch of African traditions and delivered with flawless professionalism. The core of our philosophy lies in our name "Uzuri" which comes from the Swahili word meaning "beauty." We believe in the power of physical de-stressing to calm, relaxing the mind and finding the beauty in everyday living . Uzuri Spa & Wellness is the perfect place to lose yourself in the moment and find your center again.

Rock Balancing
Covid 19

During this Pandemic time, in the best interest of our staff and our clients , Mask are mandatory during your visit with us. Please also note that Companion(s) are not allowed inside. Unless your companion is also getting service with us. Please also note that no children are allowed unless being serviced.

Thank you for your Cooperation and understanding!

Uzuri Spa Management

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