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The Yoni Room
A sacred healing space

We provide herbal yoni steam infusions for women and men while steaming in a comfortable spa environment.


New Beginnings

(first time only)

During your initial visit, we will discuss ways steaming can help and go over the consultation form.  Then we focus on relaxing to prepare you for your 30 min steam session.  

 $60/45 min

The Quick Steam

Running short on time?  No worries, this quick steam will give you just what you need to stay in alignment.

$60/30 min 

The Getaway

Escape reality and breath. You'll be sure to leave feeling refreshed and renewed after this relaxing 

$80/60 mins

Add On's

Womb Massage 

    $30/15 min

Detox Tummy Clay


Steamy Sisters

Sharing your sacred time and space with your sister, daughter, mother, aunt or friend is a wonderful way to honor your femininity.

The Yoni Room seats 4 women, perfect for an intimate group spa day.

South African Meditation - Unknown Artist
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