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New Beginnings

(first time only)

 During your initial visit, we will discuss why you feel you need a steam and go over the consultation form.  Then we focus on breathing and lite stretching to prepare you for your 30 min steam session.  

 $50/45 min

The Quick Steam

Running low on time, no worries, this quick steam will give you just what you need to stay in alignment.

$45/30 min 

The Getaway

Escape reality and breath.  Combined with stretching and a steam session.  You'll be sure to leave refreshed.

$65/60 min 

Herbal Womb Pack Steam

 60 min sessions to include

customized yoni steam and

Herbal detox pack wrap for womb healing

$90/75 min

Pair It 

45 min Swedish massage


30 min steam

$100/75 min

Womb Warrior

30 mins of relaxation techniques

30 mins herbal detox pack & womb massage

30 mins yoni steam

$120/90 min 

Add On's

Womb Reflexology

Combining essential oils and reflexology is a great way to help restore balance to the womb. 

$45/30 min

Detox Tummy Clay

This specially formulated herbal clay add-on is the perfect addition to detoxing the womb.  


Womb Massage

Breath and feel a release with this massage.  Blended 

with essential oils to relax the womb, hips and low back to release unwanted trapped emotions. 

$30/30 min

Buy 5 get 6th free

6 V-Steam 

Use whenever you'd like!

$225/30 mins


Buy 5 get 6th free

6 V-Steam 

Use whenever you'd like!

$325/75 mins


Buy 9 get 10th free

10 V-Steam 

Use whenever you'd like!

$495/30 mins

Steaming Series 

Steamy Sisters

Sharing your sacred time and space with your sister, daughter, mother, aunt or friend is a wonderful way to honor your femininity with up to 5 women. Complimentary champagne or wine.

$300/75 min