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Greetings and many blessings,

Thank you for stopping by, my name is Tiah and I am the proud owner/operator of Uzuri Spa. 


Growing up, I've always had a fascination with skin, bathing and maintaining a high standard for my appearance.  Some would say I was even vain when I was really attuned to the fine details.  This skill translated into the treatment room and has proven to be very beneficial in my work.  

I currently hold a MD license as an Esthetician, Massage Therapist, Certified Womb Practitioner and a Certified Health Coach.  My goal as a Body awareness Coach/Wellness Advocate is to assist clients to actively participate, take charge of their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being simply by encouraging them through touch therapy and support.  My career has evolved into one I would have never imagined. 


I look forward to consulting with you and being apart of your wellness team.

Much love

Tia K. 

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