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Enjoy the benefits of being an Uzuri Spa Member and save hundreds on your spa visits every year!  You can start to save as soon as your first visit! Our members receive savings at every visit, plus get first choice for available appointments.  Each membership allows you to book a monthly facial or massage with a discount on a second same day service. 


​                    Wellness Membership                                  Wellness+

                    $99.99 for a 60 min                                                    $109.99 for 75 mins                


What's included: 

Book either a facial or massage

Share with family/friends 1x year

Savings on products 

Savings on additional same day services


  • Automatic monthly withdraw (EFT) on a date you choose

  • Monthly fees do not apply to an subsequent (or following) month

  • Discounts on all packages cannot be combined with other spa promotions

  • Membership can only be used at location, does not apply to offsite clients

  • Services do not accumulate and must be used within the credit month

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