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Enjoy the benefits of being an Uzuri Spa & Wellness Member and save hundreds on your spa visits every year! You can start to save as soon as your first visit! Our members receive discounts at every visit, plus get first choice for available appointments.

As an Exclusive Uzuri Spa & Wellness member, you will receive:

U-Circle Gold

membership $69 can be used towards your choice of:

60 minute Uzuri Signature Massage

1 body treatment

Skin Deep 60 minute facial

Early Bird promotion information

5% off all Skin Care products

Earn points each visit to earn free services

5% Discount on same day additional treatment

U-Circle Platinum

Monthly fee of $109.99 can be used towards your choice of:

90 minute Uzuri Wellness Signature Massage

1 Body treatment of your choice

90 min signature facial


Early Bird promotion information

10% off all Skin Care products

10% Discount on same day additional treatment

Earn points each visit to earn free services.


  • Automatic monthly withdraw (EFT) of $69.99 or $109.99

  • Monthly fees do not apply to an subsequent (or following) month

  • Discounts on all packages cannot be combined with other spa promotions.

  • Double discounts will not be allowed

  • Membership can only be used at location, does not apply to offsite clients

  • Earn points each visit 

  • Member can gift one treatment to a relative once every 6 months

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One Essential Service Each Month

Each month choose from a massage, facial or body treatment.

One Low Price for All Essential Services

All additional Essential Services are just $69, so upgrading your routine is easy and affordable.

Discount On Our Entire Menu

Enjoy special discounted pricing for our members on all of our treatments

10% offAll Retail Products

Enjoy and save on retail products.

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