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(Vagina Smoke) Treatment


"The best kept secret of the traditional woman. Taking a scented smoke bath is a custom in the northern parts of Nigeria and also amongst Arab women. Indulge in this treatment for pleasure, cleanliness, and tightening of intimate areas." 

Traditionally, this ritual is only offered only to brides to be or married women in Southern Sudan.  Instead of water and herbs, charcoal and scented woods are used to produce a unique aromatic smell and tighten your lady parts and skin.  Other benefits include relief from rheumatic pain, smoothing the skin and narrowing of the vagina after childbirth.  After the dukhaan is completed, it's followed up with a dilke body scrub.  


 Needless to say, this treatment had become my mission to experience.  Deneen and I had the opportunity to experience a Dukhaan while in Nigeria earlier this year and it was a great experience.


The practice of taking a dukhan is said to have many health benefits such as smoothing the skin, and narrowing of the vagina and is particularly useful after childbirth.  It also gives the skin a pleasant scent  Dukhan is said to also be useful for treating syphilis, gonorrhoea and rheumatic pain. In this circumstance, various medicinal plants are used. Dukhan is often followed by dilka (scented massage).

The ritual goes as follows: a woman is anointed with karkar (scented oil) and takes place naked (only covered with a shamla -which is a thick local woolen blanket-) on a seat with a hole in the center. Below this seat, a fire is lit in a pit and scented wood is placed on it, producing smoke. She remains seated until the heat becomes unbearable.  After, she showers and relax. 

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