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Balinese Massage                  60 mins

This massage concentrates on breathing, and is a combination of gentle stretching strokes from the traditional Thai massage and deep, smoothing movements. The massage helps with relaxation, flexibility and energy flow. Relaxing  Bali massage calms your senses and brings forth the state of wellbeing.  

Ayurvedic Massage              60 mins   

This Centuries old, this Indian abhyanga massage improves tone with warm oil and  a combination of soothing strokes. Ayurvedic massage is an art of harmonizing the body, the senses and the spirit, restoring the physical, mental and emotional balance, thus enabling self-recovery. 

Thai Massage                         90 mins                                                                           

Thai massage uses the gentle pressure on energy lines and yoga-like stretching to relax the whole body on a deeper level. This dynamic massage has roots deeply seeded in Thai tradition. Often described as a blend of shiatsu acupressure and yoga stretches, it is performed on a massage table without the use of massage oil to achieve a deep sense of relaxation and peace.  Wear comfortable clothing.