Alternative Therapies

Hot Stone 

Hot Stone              

This massage concentrates on breathing, and is a combination of gentle stretching strokes from the traditional Thai massage and deep, smoothing movements. The massage helps with relaxation, flexibility and energy flow. Relaxing  Bali massage calms your senses and brings forth the state of wellbeing.  

$145/90 mins

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One Of The Oldest Methods of Traditional Chinese Medicine

A new take on an ancient practice, cupping therapy utilizes multiple silicone cups to create customizable suction which creates pressure from within, effectively pulling away the tension and stress, rather than pushing toward it. A great fit for those sensitive to deep pressure but require serious pain relief, and long prized by world athletes, cupping therapy also promotes circulation of blood and lymph fluid and detoxifies the tissues.

Depending on the body’s constitution, cupping can cause painless bruise-like markings on the skin that disappear after a few days. A consultation (see above) is required if this is your first time receiving any Traditional Eastern services at Uzuri Spa.

$105/75 mins

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Make It Yours


Restorative Scalp Massage

$20 | $10 member

More Massage, Please!

$30 | $15  member

Stone Sampler

$20 | $10 member