Finding Your Wei 


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September Jones

Registered Yoga Teacher

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The W.O.C.O

Hiking & Sound Healing Experience


WOCO Hike and Sound Healing Experience is an organization that host hiking trips for Woman of Color Only (WOCO).  We find it of the utmost significance to create a space for Women of Color to connect, bond and heal together given that many of the societal issues, traumas, and hardships that we deal with in life are unique to us.

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Finding Your Wei 

 Reiki @ 1

Aura Photography @ 2


Tanefa Wallace

Soul On Purpose

Tanefa Wallace is an educator, speaker, author and Reiki Master Practitioner who has been practicing Reiki since 2009 and received her Reiki Master Teacher (RMT) certification in 2018. Tanefa also has a Counseling Master’s Degree from Loyola University. In 2003, she studied with Iyanla Vanzant in her Spiritual Life Coaching Certification Program for Inner Visions and Empowerment for Women.


As the CEO of Soul On Purpose, an emotional wellness company for Women of Color, Tanefa is invested in WOC being able to live life on their terms in ways that afford them grace and a healthy measure of self-love. To this end, she has created The FLY Course – How to First Love Yahself & Live Life on Your Own Terms, a course that assists women in building The 5 Habits to FLY, which will be launching this Spring!


Tanefa has always been passionate about storytelling and impressed by the influence it has on women and the decisions they make in life. Her book, The Lies You Tell; A 21 Day Journey Back to Your Truth, is a testament to that passion and her ability to get down to the stories we tell ourselves and allowed others to sow into our spirits that may be holding us back and how to up-root them with affirmations and change the narrative in our minds!

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Aura Photos

An Exploratory Experience 

Come and experience the phenomena of seeing your energetic signature in living color. It is as if a mirror is showing you your energy , your radiance and your personal essence.

This Aura Photo experience includes a simple overview of the process, your personal scan printed out in color , a short discussion about your Chakra and Aura size shape and color , what that all means, An emailed 23 page report explaining your scan generated from the software.

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