Meet The Team

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Tiah Kuniken

Massage Therapist
  • Owner of Uzuri Spa
  • Massage therapist
  • Esthetician
  • Certified vaginal steam facilitator

I am a proud Licensed Massage Therapist and I am excited to bring my experience and knowledge to Uzuri.  I learned the fundamentals of massage and graduated from BSOM in 2015.  I have worked in different modalities to relieve pain, improve circulation and stress and to increase relaxation.  I became interested in massage therapy when I realized how beneficial it was to my well-being.  I suffered from headaches for years, but massage therapy helped relieved my pain. 

When I meet a prospective client, I take time to listen to what they say is troublesome to them, so that I can focus my massage to meet their needs and make them feel better. I feel it’s a privilege to work closely with each client to watch their journey, manage health conditions and enhance wellness. I love to hear how of their progress and how it's helped them to look and feel. My clients look forward to relaxing on my table.

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Donita Hardee

Massage Therapist 
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Mirah Smith

Spa Attendant 

Hi, I work side-by-side with my mom (Tiah) as a yoni steam assistant and spa attendant.  Although I am not new to spa life, it's a new experience to work in a stress-free, tranquil environment.  It's a true pleasure to meet so many amazing people that genuinely want healing.  I also enjoy being able to learn how to honor and build my self-care routine while assisting clients that impart their wisdom on me.  

Partner Practitioners

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Massage Therapist

Hi, I'm Shea. I have been massaging since I was 10 or 11 years old. So massage is part of who I am.  Professionally, I have been full-time for 6 years. My massage specialties are: deep tissue, sports, trigger, focus work and full body stretching. However, I use a mix of modalities within the massage.  I am all about awareness and having balance in life. Massage whatever you want it to be. It is not always about relaxing and feeling happy. Just like healing, sometimes massage is uncomfortable, but there's purpose in the discomfort.  My goal is to  make you feel better when you walk out, compared to when you walked in. 

Jamira White

Peace and blessings, I’m a Licensed Esthetician who has a passion for skin care and all things beauty. I graduated from BSoM in 2016 and have been working in the spa and servicing private clients since then. I am so excited and proud to be joining a black owned, professional business such as Uzuri! I can’t wait to meet you beauties/gents and have you glowing from the inside out! 

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Antionette Johnson

Sculptn'Slay Studio

Offers non-invasive alternatives to cosmetic surgery.​

  • Skin Tightening

  • Body contouring

  • Laser Lipo


  • Butt and breast lifts

IG: Sculptnslaystudio

Asia Howard

Golden Tip Beauty
  • Lash specialist

IG: Goldentipbeauty