Uzuri - International Health & Skin Care Training Academy

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What are the entrance requirements for you career in terms of subjects taken at school?

Life Sciences and/or Physics are strongly recommended but not a necessity. A grade 12 certificate. Fluency in English. Lecturers are fully bilingual and are  proficient to assist students in English or Afrikaans.


Where does one train for this career?

At a private training establishments like Uzuri; which are the only internationally recognised health and skin care training academy in Mpumalanga!


What are the current fees?

2012                     First year                     R 56’000.00

2013                     Second Year                R 63’300.00


Are there travelling expenses involved?

The only travelling expenses that will be incurred would be the daily travel from home to the academy.  Costs would depend on where you live and whether or not you will have to make use of public or private transport


What bursaries or loans are available?

A scholarship maybe offered to an applicant on merit.  The student, to whom the scholarship is offered, will be placed at one of the salons / spas of the Uzuri Spa group, after completion of the 2 year studies and upon graduation.  It will be expected of the therapist to remain in employment until the full scholarship amount has been repaid.  The prospective student can also contact their financial institution for a student loan.


Which subjects does the course include?

In the first year we focus on basic treatments like facials, manicure & pedicure, massage and waxing.  These subjects are practically and theoretically presented.  First year theory subjects include anatomy and physiology, dermatology, business, communication, selling techniques to name but a few.  In the second year we focus on more specialised treatments which include electrotherapy, specialized massages for example lymph drainage and aromatherapy etc.  In the third optional year we focus on advanced treatments like advance skin analysis, spa therapy and massages like calabash and runga.


What types of employment opportunities are available?

The opportunities for employment are considerable compared with those available 30 years ago!     Employment opportunities could be in an upmarket, luxurious spa – in the most modern beauty salon or in the tranquil ‘bushveld’.  One could also work on a luxurious cruise ship, own you own salon / spa, work as a sales representative, make-up artist, become a lecturer or specialize in a particular therapy etc.   It is even possible to establish a career whilst looking after a young family as it will provide the flexibility of working part time or being self-employed.  Uzuri’s health and skin care training will provide you with the many skills that are required to enable you to work in the most exotic locations, travel the world and meeting many interesting people.


Will the occupation still be in demand in the foreseeable future or will it disappear or become saturated?

Today, a beauty therapist is sometimes described as a spa therapist, cosmetologist or aesthetician; it depends on the country of origin, but whatever the description the profession is always the same.  The health and skin care industry is one of the fastest growing and diverse industries.  Due to the ever changing nature of the industry and the great awareness around the world to find healthier options for stress relieve, remedies against ageing and weight loss; it is unlikely that this career will not be in demand, disappear or become saturated!

What kind of person is likely to suit the career?

In order to be an exceptional therapist it is helpful to have the following qualities:  attention to detail, loving, good interpersonal social and ethical skills and creativity. At Uzuri we train our therapists to develop excellent technical, selling and client care skills to excel in their profession.


What are the disadvantages of the career?

Physically demanding, long hours and working on weekends & public holidays.  But the financial rewards are worth your while!


What salary can be expected?

Therapists are generally employed with a basic salary and commission will be payable on treatments and health and skin care products retailed.


What are the working conditions like?

Generally working conditions are quite favourable and luxurious.  Serene, professional atmosphere, air-conditioning, pleasant clean environment and amazing aromas.


What service benefits e.g. company car does the occupation offer

The benefits will depend on the type of employment you choose, as well as from the company you are employed with.  If you have a passion for sales, it is wise to become a cosmetic house sales representative in which case they normally provide a company car.


What promotion opportunities are there?

It would be wise to choose your employment to be part of a large organisation which will have the benefits of a regular income, working with other professionals and learning from other members of the team.  It also provides the opportunity for promotion and progression to a more senior or management level.   It is possible to start at ground level working as a therapist, proving yourself competent in practical skills and showing your ability to work as part of a successful team, then taking on a supervisory role before becoming a manager. The next stage is area manager when you could find yourself responsible for several salons or spas and this could lead to an operational management position when you could play a part in setting up new ventures.


To which related occupations could one transfer?

Reflexologist, Yoga teacher, Aromatherapist, Colour Therapy Therapist, Reiki practitioner, Dietician, Physiotherapist, or Personal Trainer, to name but a few.


Is the qualification internationally recognised?

Yes, we offer 2 internationally recognised diplomas after studying full time for a period of 2 years.


Should you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact us.